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Unsecure Loads and Littering can lead to Fines




Examples of Secure Loads:

Netting, straps, rope, chain, and bungee cord can be used to tie each large item to the vehicle. If there is nothing in the load that can blow out, a cover is not needed.

If your truck has a garbage can, secure it to the truck with a bungee cord. Insure the lid is secure to the bottom.

Cardboard can be secured with a bungee cord.

Examples of Covered and Secured Loads:

Use a Tarp or Net to cover the entire load and insure it is well tied to the vehicle.

When transporting garbage in a trailer, Use a Tarp or Net to cover the entire load and insure it is well tied to the trailer.

Examples of Inadequately Secured Loads:

Tie downs are missing or inadequate.

Vehicle is overloaded.

Top, sides and back of load are Not secure.

Debris can fall or fly out of moving vehicle.

These loads should be Repacked and Covered with a Tarp and/or a Cargo Net. Secure the cover to the vehicle bed.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Is there any chance of debris falling (or blowing) out of my vehicle?

2. Would I feel safe if I were driving behind my vehicle?

3. Would I want my loaded vehicle driving through my neighborhood?

4. What would happen to my load if I had to brake suddenly or if I hit a bump?

5. Do I need to drive slower than I normally do?

6. Is my load secured on top, on the sides, and in back?

7. Did I double-check my load to make sure it is secured?

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