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The Burin Peninsula has the first curbside composting program in Newfoundland and Labrador. The 2012 curbside composting pilot in the Town of Grand Bank was a great success, diverting over 112 tonnes of organic and paper fibre waste from our landfill. As a result, the program has now been made available to all residents of Grand Bank. We encourage all residents of Grand Bank to take part, and to enable our region to maximize waste diversion through composting.

Starter kits for the program are available at the Grand Bank municipal centre.
Option 1: $15 per household for a year’s supply of collection bags, yard waste stickers, magnet, and an educational flyer.

Option 2: $20 per household for a year’s supply of collection bags, , yard waste stickers, magnet, and an educational flyer. PLUS: an organics kitchen catcher

Collection will take place each on your regular waste collection day.

STEP 1: Collect Organics (Food & Yard Waste)
Collect food waste in your kitchen container lined with a clear compostable bag. Use a garbage bag to collect yard waste from your garden and mark this bag with a yard waste sticker.

Collect all organics, including: meat; dairy; fish; poultry; bones; table scraps; fruit; vegetables; baked goods; fats and sauces; coffee grounds and filters; tea bags; saw dust; leaves; grass; plant debris; etc.

STEP 2: Collect Paper Fibre (Paper & Cardboard)
Use a transparent green bag to collect paper and cardboard.

Collect all paper fibre, including: white; coloured and glossy paper; newspaper; flyers; magazines; junk mail; paper towel and toilet paper rolls; egg cartons; cereal and tissue boxes; corrugated cardboard; etc.

STEP 3: Place it at the Curb
On garbage day, tie-off the clear compostable bag of food waste and place it inside the bag of paper and cardboard. Place this bag at the curb with your yard waste bag and your regular garbage bag.


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